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Most people have a perception of how tough they are or of all the unyielding roads they have taken. They believe that this aspect about them makes them tough and tenacious, ready to take on the world. This is known as grit; the active desire and motivation to achieve one’s goals. Demonstrating grit is the key to succeeding in any area of life that you may desire.

Grit does not imply perfection of character, which is a mythical concept. In this world of imperfections and fickleness, perfection is far from reality. Grit refers to thefirmness of character. The tenacity and unrelenting raw desire that makes a person work on his/her goals with resilience and integrity. Successful people most often relate grit to the attribute of sticking with something that they think is right, until convinced that they need to head in a different direction. The key to success, according to people who have had a taste of it, is not the wits or resources available to you. It is the tenacity and the grit to never give up on what they desire.

To get to what works for your success, more often than not you will have to understand what won’t work. Failures give us more valuable lessons than success. It hones our aptitude towards a particular work and takes it a step closer to our idea of perfection.

In a study conducted by psychologists, it was found that the students who exhibit grit in their work are the ones that succeed more than those with higher IQ. This demonstrates the fact that it is perseverance and persistence that matters when it comes to achieving your goals. If you stick to it without ever giving up during the trying times, you will be able to obtain an result that will make all the efforts worth it.

To instill perseverance in your kids or employees or yourself, you need to instill the need to learn new things. You need not be the smartest or the brightest, you just have to believe in yourself and keep at it until you get what you want. Most successful people know that failures are great opportunities to learn healthy lessons. It is only natural to come across losses on the road to success.

When you think about the people who exhibit grit in their character, you think of them with admiration and awe. A gritty person never gives up on their quest for success. They are aware of their capabilities and their weaknesses. People carry a common misconception that it is through eliminating weaknesses that you achieve true greatness. Strong character and self-esteem are important to be persistent in your efforts. Learn from your failures, continue to work towards success and your efforts will bear fruit in time.

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