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    Do More, Speak Less

Do More, Speak Less

Most of us are familiar with the teenager that has a lot to say but very little life experience to back it up. So annoying aren't they?

But wait... do you find similar traits in older people? People who also have a lot to say yet limited life experiences?

A friend or co-worker who starts talking about... says.... Mediterranean artichokes.... and you know darn well they've never been to the Mediterranean?

This is a strange phenomenon of human nature. We like to “talk” about life rather than “experience” life. It's easy for us to get lazy in a routine. We like our comfort zones. I know I do. Routine can make us really good at something. For example: Tom is the best salesperson in Leavenworth or Alice is the best sprinter at Maryville College. Yet, is there life outside this local bravado?

In truth, humans have amazing potential yet many of us fail to use this potential to the fullest. Such as Tom hearing over and over again: You have so much potential! Equivalent to the coach telling Alice: she's a great sprinter for a girl. I'm not being sexist here. Tom can actually learn a lesson from Alice.

Women are great at rooting out false compliments. Used wisely, a false compliment can motivate us to action. Such as Alice pushing herself onward to Olympic trials or Tom taking up the dealership offer in New York City.

What if we approach every goal with our fullest potential in mind? I suspect, we'd soon find ourselves experiencing more of life and talking less. Which I believe, is the key to lasting fulfillment.

Thank you.
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