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    How to Win Arguments

How to Win Arguments

Do you know why women win arguments? Because the target becomes so exhausted, it gives up and lays down faking it's own death. Humor aside, even if she wins, she is rarely satisfied. Why?

Because a woman would rather be understood than be right. Unless of course you're Serena Williams... then yes, it's all about the win. Women tend to argue out of frustration. This is not a criticism on gender. We men do it too, and then add an “out-of-control” ego in to the mix. Recipe for disaster. In truth, women have it right. Arguing is less about winning and more about striving to be heard.

Ironic when we consider the myriad of books and self-help tutorials that encourage us to: “win an argument at all costs”. Guys, our ego love this kind of strategy, doesn't it? However, what we're not told is- this: no one really wins. Think of war. War is an argument out of control. Uber contentiousness with a great deal of collateral damage.

We fail to realize that our own arguments are just mini wars in disguise. It becomes all about gaining ground. Snappy zingers fly with little regard for who gets hurt in the crossfire. Suddenly our need to win, supersedes our need for peace. We all do it, then sheepishly apologize afterwards. Even a champion like Serena Williams had to apologize for her on-court temper tantrum. This is because a true champion knows, winning isn't about ego battles; it's about being the best version of ourselves. When we do this, we learn to listen more and argue less. A win-win situation for everyone.

Thank you.
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