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Renowned Speaker Todd Lemense Releases Yet another Book: Lose Your Ego Gain the World

The book “Lose Your Ego Gain the World” is finally on Amazon. It is an inspiring yet challenging book that talks about the dangers of overconfidence. It gives a step by step guidance on how to keep life in perspective and avoid the victim mindset while persevering to achieve success in life.

It is both a memoir and an inspirational book where Todd narrates vividly the challenges he faced and how he overcame them to succeed in life. The book explains how your ego may be the stumbling block to your success and gives a clear road map on how to overcome this and emerge victorious in life.

“Lose Your Ego Gain the World” is already gaining traction with many readers expressing their satisfaction with the practical steps it offers and the overall structure of the book. Most of the reviews on Amazon show excited readers who have really benefited from the book. Some of them have suggested that the real motivation behind the book is not the money but the need to offer genuine help to people going through real life problems. The book, which has a print length of 71 pages is available on Amazon in kindle version and is going for only $2.78.

Todd Lemense is an award winning speaker who has spoken to over 500 large corporations, since 2008. He is also a trainer who has designed sales programs in more than 50 sales organizations and assisted in evaluation of midsized businesses. He has also trained mid level managers and mentored CEOs in major organizations.

Previously, he worked as a regional manager in the second largest bank in the world as well as many other senior positions. He has published two other books (Think Thin Feel Amazing & Leverage Your Life)
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