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Loose Your Ego, Gain the World

Todd Lemense’s Lose Your Ego Gain the World

Todd Lemense is the author of Lose Your Ego Gain the World, a non-fiction self help book that offers a fresh perspective on controlling ego. A motivating and inspiring book, Lose Your Ego Gain the World will provide you with tools and perception that will significantly change your life if applied properly. The chapters in the book are packed with crucial intangible tools and life-tested practical guidance that can be used over and over again to build your personal well-being and future success. Filled with great content that is easy to read, you will surely gain a lot from this book for your personal development.

What Can You Get from Lose Your Ego Gain the World?
Lose Your Ego Gain the World is a 71-page ebook. It can be downloaded on your tablet, PC or phone so that you can read it anytime, anywhere. It offers a unique perspective on controlling ego, something that can be a huge hindrance to your personal development without you even knowing it. How you see the world around you depends on your ego. Your ego acts like a huge control panel. It can affect how you understand everything that goes on in your everyday experience. Your view of any event will determine what you obtain from that experience, whether it is negative or positive or a hindrance or an opportunity. The answer will depend on your view.

Your ego greatly affects your perception and you might not even know it. Don’t think that it is because you are hiding from your ego. It’s actually the opposite. Your ego has a huge influence on your perception because you are too close to notice it. Ego contains the memory and consciousness. It’s involved in conforming, planning and controlling reality. Your ego is similar to your individual self. It is who you are as an individual disconnected from your environment. As ego views you as detached from others, it tries to form your opinion accordingly. Thus, it functions as a filter for whatever you are exposed to. Your ego’s plans affect your version of reality. How does this affect your personal development?

The state of your ego either improves your personal development or hinders it. Your ego can close the door for personal improvement and trap you in a life that doesn’t present opportunities or lead the way to a fulfilling and rewarding life.

Lose Your Ego Gain the World is a part self-help and part journal guide. Todd did a great job of putting his emotions into writing and expressing his pain at the mistakes he committed in the past as well as the satisfaction he felt when he finally attained what he really wanted. He clearly showed his desire to help other people through the perception and knowledge he gained through his experiences.

Lose Your Ego Gain the World was made for those who really need it, those who want to move on in their lives. Todd has been there and knows how it is like. Lose Your Ego Gain the World was written to not just help people lose their ego. It also teaches them how to live a good and successful life and how to do it the right way. The information presented on the book makes it more fact-based and referenced than other materials tackling the same issue. Todd’s views about the mistakes he made in the past are honest, something people should do as well. You have to learn how to move forward to achieve what you really want in life.

Todd acknowledged the fact that people are flawed creatures and they have to accept that. Lose Your Ego Gain the World will enlighten, empower and motivate those who will read it. Sometimes, you just lose sight of yourself and you forget the most important person in your life. You end up lost and miserable. You control your own life and you make your own choices. Humans make mistakes and you have to accept that. The steps in Lose Your Ego Gain the World will guide you to the right path and help you find yourself. The book is packed with great tips, exercises and advice that will convince you to believe in you. Having an ego is not actually a bad thing as it is a reflection of you. It is, however, important to ensure that it doesn’t negatively affect your life and other people around you. Lose Your Ego Gain the World will teach you how. Improve yourself and experience what it is like to attain success at a personal level.

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