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Passion For Work: A Double Edged Sword

Loving your job has always been the ultimate dream of most people out there. For those who do what they love, there is nothing more exciting and wouldn’t even think of doing anything else. When you examine this scenario, it is only natural to feel that having employees who love their job can increase the productivity of the company or any organization. After all how can there be anything wrong at all with loving your job?

But that is not always the case. The love for your job (orpassion as you may call it)can serve both sides of an argument. It has the power to induce productive as well as destructive effects on the work. There is a very thin line between healthy passion and dark obsessive passion. Research has shown that passion can be dualistic in nature. On one side, we have harmonious passion and obsessive passion.

Harmonious passion is exhibited by employees, who maintain a healthy balance between their work and other activities of life such as family, entertainment, etc. It is very easy to identify such people since they make the work environment a better place with their positive mentality and vibrancy. They obtain a sense of joy from their work and their attitude towards work is never forced or contrived. Contrary to popular belief, these are the kind of people who can easily shut off work from their mind and devote quality time to other aspects of life. They don’t feel guilty about spending time away from work and never obsess over work.

The other side of the coin is the obsessive passion. The workers who display such passion tend to be completely distracted with work. They might seem exactly like the harmonious pass on the outside, but on the inside, they are dying to get back to work. Initially, these workers grab a lot of attention and accolades from other people. But what you need to understand is that the activities, moods and compulsions of an obsessive person all depend on the neediness to work rather than the love for one’s work. Round the clock, his/her mind is filled with thoughts about work. It can even reach a stage were the well-being of that person depends on work and their identity becomes attached with that of work.

In the work environment, obsessive employees can be more aggressive and stressed. They have a habit of delving into unnecessary risks that might prove to be detrimental to the company or any organization. Their behaviour can affect the work environment adversely and bring down the morale of the place due to their compulsive behaviour. Thus, companies need to identify the harmonious passion among the employees and encourage it as much as possible. That is the right way to enhance productivity and performance of the employees.

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