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About Todd Lemense

Todd Lemense is a business and motivational speaker with a specialization in personal accountability and business accountability. He is also an expert in ego control and keeping things in proper perspective. Todd has received national speaker awards and spoke to more than 500 huge corporations. He has been sharing his perspective since 2008 and has designed sales programs for more than 50 direct sales organizations. Todd has mentored CEO level executives and conducted hands-on training with mid-level managers. He has evaluated processes for mid-sized businesses and authored three books – Think Thin Feel Amazing, Leverage Your Life and Lose Your Ego Gain the World. He has worked as a region manager at the second largest bank in world and is an expert at helping struggling companies restore their productivity. Todd is also an aggressive entrepreneur who has started several extremely successful businesses.

He brings with him a consistent success track record and a strong blend of contagious humor, genuine inspiration, business takeaways and energy. Todd will motivate all members of your team to take risks, build meaningful relationships, overcome challenges and succeed. His programs will touch the mind and heart of all members of your company to create a lasting impact on your productivity, unity and morale.

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